Dear Nominee 

We are delighted to announce, on behalf of JFI Award, that applying for the JFI AWARD 2022 is now open. Applying will be open for this week – so have your say now and ensure you’ve submitted your application before the 1st March 2022.

 JFI Awards 2022 Recognizing The Best Of The Best In The Finance Industry

JFI Awards 2022 is an annual event in Jordan organized by AFAQ GROUP under the endorsement of the International financial experts. Through the experience of AFAQ International in financial awards criteria within successive 20 years with international financial companies; this year the event is held on 1 March 2022 in Dead Sea- Jordan.

About JFI Awards 2022

JFI awards aim to celebrate all that is entrepreneur and innovative within the leading brands in the online trading(FX), fintech, banking, digital assets, blockchain, and payments sphere and we would encourage you to browse through the rest of the awards site and see where the excellence in your organization can become a nomination in the awards process. ‘Old hands’ and new entrants have equal chances to write a new chapter in the story of the Entrepreneur JFI Awards by nominating those projects which are new and exciting in the financial services